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Taylor Swift has taken the stage with various rappers since the ordeal with Kanye, such as T. Kanye really did a number on her emotionally, but she is still working hard to recover.

She breaks out into a nervous sweat and has trouble breathing whenever there is a black man around.

And when the dating pool consists of men who think it would be "emasculating" to date a woman that successful, then she's better off single.

That low, melodic murmur you heard as Taylor Swift drifted by you on the sidewalk half-heartedly kicking a pebble and full-heartedly holding back tears may have had something to do with the current state of her love life. America's favorite twenty-something teenager may have built a career on taking an electron microscope to her every failed romance, but according to Radar, that may be the very behavior that's preventing her from finding a new boyfriend!

The 50-year-old's body was found in his home Sunday night in Richmond, Virginia, and "detectives don’t suspect foul play at this time." GWAR, of course, was the band who wore elaborate latex monster costumes onstage and made very heavy metal music with a disgusting, comedy-horror spin (their music video for "Phallus in Wonderland" was nominated for a Grammy in 1993) and was at one point the most awesome band alive for all boys ages 9-13.

Brockie's death follows only three years after the death of GWAR's lead guitarist Cory Smoot, "who was found dead on the band’s tour bus in North Dakota in 2011." [Page Six]Everybody knows Le Ann Rimes has a big voice, but sometimes her banshee wail gets so intense it can bring harm even to herself!

But if you put a gun to my head and asked me to name five Taylor Swift songs, I’d be confused that your choice to shoot me was based on such arbitrarily specific criteria. She’s rich and famous so she dates rich and famous men. This is how I feel about attempting to determine Kanye’s motives for doing things. Kanye, however, would later tweet that he actually reached out to Taylor about the lyric before incorporating it in his song. Or, rather, friendly enough to have this conversation. And, of course, most of the country seemed to believe Taylor. Which means you’ll never have to go without receipts. Like, imagine the longest TSA line you’ve ever seen.

And then I’d wonder how you even got into my house. And that she thought it was funny and was cool with it. “Kardashian” is actually Swahili for “White woman with receipts.” And since Kim has all the receipts, she released footage of Taylor Swift doing exactly what Kanye said she did. With a statement — a statement that suspiciously seems prewritten — where she expressed that she never said she didn’t talk to him (a lie) and never agreed to Kanye’s use of “bitch.” Do you believe her?

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Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris enjoyed a romantic date night out in Santa Monica, California, this past Wednesday, April 6.A source close to the 24-year-old singer said she has been seeking counseling for the condition with the hope that she recovers from it.The source stated Swift has always had a slight fear of black people, but it reached its pinnacle after her run-in with Kanye West in 2009.It's time to accept the truth: There are no more tears to cry. But, honestly, who needs a boyfriend when you have a full friend squad to support you? Yes, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are really, truly done.