Native american burial sites dating back

Pandemics of smallpox and other white-man fevers probably caused the massive die-offs, archaeologists now say. Langland, Otto Ditlefsen and Alex Stevenson carry remains of Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe members near Port Angeles, Wash. Without intending to do so, the Washington State Department of Transportation, as part of a multimillion-dollar bridge-repair project in this port city on the Olympic Peninsula, opened up what a federal archaeologist describes as the largest prehistoric Indian village and burial ground found in the United States."In my opinion, there is no other archaeological site in the country that has a direct association with so many human remains," said David G. Last week, just 15 months after it started, the state's bridge project sputtered to a costly stop.

The site where the bones were buried was deep and wide, measuring about 20 by 8 feet in depth, opened to view because the side of the hill — the location — had eroded over time, Covington said.

One of about 25 Indian mounds is shown at Lizard Mound County Park near West Bend.

Landowners could excavate and possibly develop some of the surviving Indian mounds of Wisconsin — many dating back more than a millennium, under legislation by two lawmakers. Robert Brooks (R-Saukville) would shift the balance of state law more toward private property rights and away from the preservation of one of the state's unusual features.

There are many reasons for the Bills lack of championships since the AFL-NFL merger—pre-game partying, missing helmets, Scott Norwood. For some reason, there’s a tiny cemetery planted a Hail Mary throw’s distance away from the stadium, a small green island surrounded by acres of concrete.

Ralph Wilson (nee Rich) Stadium sits on hallowed ground. Do yourself a favor and type Ralph Wilson Stadium into Google Maps and notice what landmark you’ll notice directly north of the stadium: Sheldon Cemetery.