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) And finally, to the adults reading this to discover what they've been missing: Apologies, but Snapchat will show you things—like what you'd look like as a glasses-wearing chihuahua—that you'll never unsee.

Now, although Lucasfilm were in talks with three women of color for the role, Emilia Clarke has been cast in the as-yet untitled #Han Solo Movie — and we're getting just a little bit sick of the Star Wars leading lady following the same template. Are all the women in the Star Wars galaxy really brunette, white, and (more often than not) sporting British accents? After all, Mon Mothma is white and British, but she has short auburn hair.

We may never have seen Captain Phasma's face, but we know that she has blonde hair, setting her apart from the other white, British women.

And then there's Maisie Richardson-Sellers' character... whose scenes were almost completely cut from The Force Awakens.

Just as spoken words only hang in the air long enough for ears to hear them, these images last just long enough to be seen (or more accurately, for 24 hours) and then they disappear.

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