Indian online dating industry

With internet use expected to boom in India in coming years -- internet penetration is currently only around 5%, according to Mishra, but he said the arrival of 3G services means that many of the country's 600 million mobile phone users will soon be online -- entrepreneurs are seeking new ways to tap the online matchmaking market.One start-up, Ignighter, set up by three 20-something New Yorkers, is hoping to persuade India that the future of online matchmaking is in group dating.The study provides an overview on the Indian online dating and matrimony market.It analyses various competitors in the online dating market in India and also discusses gaps and drivers in this market.(CNN) -- Looking for love is a big business in India, where the art of matchmaking is being transformed with a click of a mouse.One of the biggest online industries in India has been the business of arranging marriages."We had never anticipated this, so we decided to focus on India," says Sachs, who is now based in Mumbai. our analysis predicts that by the end of 2014 it will be more than 0 million a year."The dating site that he originally started for New Yorkers now has 4.5 million registered users, of which 95 per cent are in India.

Currently, there are too many to count, available for all operating systems. Rows and columns of men and women uploading selfies painted with the modern-day blessing that’s photo filters.But heavy-hitter Tinder believes India could become its largest market. Everyone’s ‘hooking up’ Shruti swipes when there’s an occasion. But there’s this assumption that people are really looking for a ‘hook-up’. I feel it’s possible because a friend of mine found someone who has the same taste in books. The best part is you don’t share your number so, you can always take a chance and talk to the person.“Online dating and mobile-first social networks are exploding. So this is a very exciting market for us,” head of India operations for Tinder, Taru Kapoor said earlier this year. And I’ve heard stories of people meeting and ending up together so, I am positive. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_input. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_spinner. A handful of entrepreneurs has realised that in the business of love, India could be where the proverbial rainbow touches the ground.