Dating mitchell 308 reel

If you are looking to collect, buy, repair, service, learn, ask questions or go fishing with a vintage Mitchell Fishing Reel, you are at the right place!We are just Mitchell Reel collectors and enthusiast who enjoy an open discussion forum on "vintage" Mitchell Fishing Reels.Mitchell® is not responsible for normal wear and tear, nor failures caused by accidents, abuse, alteration, modification, misuse or improper care.This applies to either reels purchased separately or as a combo unit.The reel has 'Mitchell 300' not ' Mitchell Garcia' printed on the side with the early butterfly switch.

Plus and most important; these all were serial numbered in sequence at the Mitchell factory after assembly regardless of the different models or even which distributor (country) they were made for.

We looked at the problem from an analytical approach so we can make some sense of their methods. At the time Mitchell introduced the first two versions of the Mitchell reel, serial numbers were not utilised.

This is difficult to explain but speculation is that the first two versions were either prototypes, or not marketed outside of Europe thereby eliminating the need for unit numbering. It is also of importance to note that some early first versions did not have stamped (Made in France) on the bodies.

With the durable Planamatic gearing and a 5:1 gear ratio, this quality Mitchell reel is still a very popular fishing reel.

Originally released in Europe as the 308 “Prince” in 1958; the easiest way to tell a first version is the molded in FR”O”NCE on the housing just above the anti-reverse lever as you can see.